Hypercube X – 275 Walls TH10 Farming Base Layout

Hypercube X is a new farming base for Town Hall 10 from Ash with the new 275 walls, anti-Earthquake and high Dark Elixir Protection feature. Since we have 25 more walls at Town Hall 10 after the September update, there are plenty of new concepts and ideas for Town Hall 10 bases. This fearsome base layout is one of them. I can guarantee you will have a lot of success defenses with this solid base.


Hypercube X – Virtuosic DE Farming Base for Town Hall 10

Anti-Earthquake + Anti-Jump

By taking a quick look, you can see that how well the funnels of this base are. Hypercube X can easily prevent Golems and Giants from entering the core in most cases. Even if the attackers either use Earthquake Spells or Jump Spells for creating openings, Giants and Golems will always walk around the exterior rings and leave the support troops vulnerable as your defenses can quickly take them out.

The combination of all features below will show you how this base can anti-Earthquake and Jump Spell.


Golems, Giants and Balloons are always funneled around the base by well-placed defenses along the whole first layer.


The red line in the screenshot above shows you the direction of Giants/Balloons/Golems during the attack. Because there aren’t any defensive buildings in the second inner layer, there is no way for the Golems/Giants/Balloons to run towards the core.


Breaking the funnel of the first inner layer is a daunting task for the attackers, obviously. All defenses in the first layer are well-placed to prevent the enemy Archers and Wizards from sniping any single one while they are locked on either Golems, Giants or Balloons.


In the case the attacker uses Wall Breakers, all Wizards and Archers will be grouped and quickly taken out by splash defenses buildings.

Anti-Archer Queen Core

Undoubtedly this is the must-have feature of all Town Hall 9/10 farming bases.


As you can see in the screenshot above, the core of Hypercube X is designed to prevent the Archer Queen from hitting the Dark Elixir Storage. She always go around the core to attack either outside buildings or inner ones (Hidden Teslas, Inferno Towers, Archer Towers, X-Bows and the Clan Castle). In most cases, she will be quickly ripped by point defenses as well as not able to target the Dark Elixir Storage.

Anti-Barbarian King and P.E.K.K.A Core

The Barbarian King and P.E.K.K.As will be always forced to roam around each layer by the open-ring while getting hit by inner point defenses like Teslas, X-Bows and Inferno Towers. Even with either the Jump Spell or Earthquake Spell, it will be incredibly hard for the attackers to lead them into the core.


Open-ring compartments are the real nightmare for Barbarians, Valkyries, P.E.K.K.As and Barbarian King. They will run around till death.


It is such a big challenge for the attackers using Lavaloon due to the unconventional Air Defense placements. The Lava Hound can’t protect the Balloons from a small area. After taking down the Air Defenses in one side, the enemy Lava Hounds will be forced to travel through the entire inner base to the other side = ripped by your hardcore point defenses.

That will be a bad idea if the attacker want to go in via 2 sides at a time, there will be not enough troop to do anything. You also don’t need to worry about hybrid army compositions since this one is not a War base.


  • Red = The distance between 2 groups of Air Defenses.
  • Pink = Wizard Towers can’t be locked on the Lava Hounds. They can easily shoot down any large group of Balloons.
  • Blue = The direction of the well-placed Air Sweeper. They can incredibly cover the whole base.

Other Features

  • Hybercube X is a very big base and occupies the whole map. This can easily prevent the attackers from comfortably spawning troops. I can see that in most times, attackers just snipe the Town Hall then leave.
  • Anti-Hogs = Multi target Inferno Towers + Anti-Hog funnels.
  • Giant Bombs and Small Bombs are well placed along the Storage Compartment for preventing Giants/Golems from triggering them and low HP support troops with from taking the loot.
  • Double Seeking Air Mines next to the Air Defenses can quickly bake the Lava Hounds.
  • Nice Air Bombs placements for dealing with Balloons. Lava Hounds can’t trigger them.

Bonus – Hypercube X Town Hall 9 Version


From now, with Hybercube X, you don’t need to worry about your loot anymore.

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