Clash of Clans March 2016 Update: The Balance!

Clash of Clans March 2016 Update: The Balance!

Hello guys, finally, today Supercell has revealed everything about the Clash of Clans March 2016 Update! I am going to make this an in-depth explanation so you can easily understand everything in the upcoming update.

Clash of Clans March 2016 Update

Clash of Clans March 2016 Update

All Town Hall levels:

  • Battle time limit will be reduced to 3 minutes again: This will help bring back better battles in Clan Wars for all players. Seems like the War Community has requested this a lot!
  • New building that is being built cannot get canceled. You still can cancel upgrades.
  • Revenge stars will be count for Star Bonus. Also, you can get League Bonus after Revenge.

Town Hall 11 Changes

  • The Life Aura and Eternal Tome range of the Grand Warden will be slightly reduced as he is a bit over-powered after the Town Hall 11 Update. After this update, using the Grand Warden will not easy as before.

Town Hall 10+ Changes

  • Inferno Towers in Multi-Target mode will acquire new targets faster: As we all know, after killing a target, it takes the Inferno Towers a delay to target the next one. This update will make you easier to deal with the level 3 Witch on defense.
  • TH 10 and 11 players will be less likely to find the other in Multiplayer Match-making system: After the TH11 Update, lots of TH10s moving to TH11s, that’s why there are a ton of TH10 vs TH11 matchups.

Town Hall 9+ Changes:

  • Skeleton HP will be reduced: In some cases, Archer Towers can’t destroy Skeletons with a single hit and that is not the way it is intended.
  • Summoned Skeletons (by Witch) will not trigger traps: Another With nerf in this March update.
  • Goblin level 6 will be moved down to Town Hall 9: Okay guys, let’s start milking!
  • X-Bow level 2, 3 4 damage will be increased: Because of ultra-tanky Golems and Lava Hounds, X-Bow damage will be slightly increased!

Town Hall 8+ Changes

  • Valkyrie HP will be decreased and damage will be increased: I agree with the HP decrease and I hope with better DPS, people will use Valkyries more in their army composition.
  • Valkyrie reaction speed will be increase: She will start attacking much faster after locking on her target.
  • Wizard Tower level 5-9 HP will be dramatically increased, especially at highest levels.
  • If defensive Clan troops are standing idle, they will not get affected by the Poison Spell.
  • All Dark Spells training time will be decreased to 10 minutes.

Town Hall 5+ Changes:

  • All Elixir Spells training time will be decreased to 20 minutes.

Clan War Changes:

I posted about these new Clan War changes before, you can read more at here.

  • War 35vs35 and 45vs45 are going to be removed in order to boost the available Clans in queue.
  • The new update will place a greater emphasis on defensive buildings and less emphasis for troops. This is awesome for players who use my Town Hall 8.5 and 9.5 trick.
  • Powerful defenses and troops like the Inferno Tower, Eagle Artillery and Grand Warden will have a lot of more weight in Clan Wars. Another good news for TH8.5 and 9.5 players!
  • The Clan War will be based on the recent win/loss records of both Clans: In game, some Clans find it really hard to get a win, while some others can win most Wars with ease and rarely can find a fit opponent. With this new update, in order to help Clans find better matches, the matchmkaing system will also work based on the competitiveness. “Win streak” will face “Win streak” and so on.
  • There will be no imbalanced war matchups.

And these are thoughts from Ash – Clash of Clans

Hey guys, Supercell had just released information about game new mechanics and changes to the game, hoping that it will bring about more balance and diversity to the game. They also stated, quote: “we especially look forward to improving the dev team’s communication to players with this effort.” And that is great! One of the biggest problems of this major gaming company was their lack of communication with their players, so it’s great hear that they willing to improve on that.

I want to go over all these changes and also give you guys my interpretation and opinions of these changes. Now please keep in mind that I have not tested these new changes, these are simply my unbiased opinions of the changes, and also keep in mind that we have yet to hear more news of the upcoming update that also involves a new dark troop that could re-gain the balance of these changes.

The Life Aura and Eternal Tome range of the Grand Warden will be slightly reduced:

I agree with the attack range reduction, which can often be very cheesy and save a player from a loss as the Warden could be the last troop targeting the Town Hall or targeting a bunch of buildings to luckily save the attacker.

I don’t like reduction to Life Aura and Eternal Tome as that’s my favorite thing about the Grand Warden. When you decrease his Life Aura, you’re making players clump up their troops again to take advantage, and I just don’t like players who just clumped all their troops in together and attack in just one direction and pray that their troops go straight for the Town Hall.

Not to mention, although the Grand Warden is an excellent Hero,  his power is warranted by the difficulties of defeating a TH11 base. It used to be easy, but with the nerf to level 3 Witches and Eagle Artillery buff, I thought TH11 was made a lot more balanced. And for someone like me with a maxed TH11 base, fighting against other maxed TH11 bases is very difficult even with maxed offense. Especially for people like us who play fair

Inferno Towers in Multi-Target mode will acquire new targets faster

This is great, but I don’t agree with this 100%. First, the main reason to buff the Multi Target Inferno seems to be Supercell’s way of increasing diversity again. How? Well it’s just a bad idea to have a Single Target Inferno against TH11s because of level 3 Witches. So it’s great that by buffing Multi Target Inferno Towers, you may only need 1 Multi Inferno to stop these Witches, which will bring the back use of Single Target Infernos.

But, they are just nerfing Witches even more. What was the point of bringing in Level 3 Witches, if you basically nerfed them back to where they were a few months ago. Not only that, this just makes the Witch a much less appealing troop for TH10s because they’re now stuck with an inferior level 2 Witch and no Grand Warden. While I’m not a fan of simply spamming a bunch of Witches to win, they were still the best answer for punishing TH10s with large open compartments.

TH 10 and 11 players will be less likely to find the other in Multiplayer Match-making system

Okay, I guess this is fair, no one likes to be bullied.

Skeleton Changes

This is an excellent way to balance Witches, by making those Giant Bomb traps play a much bigger role. I know as a base designer, ever since the whole charade of level 3 Witches 3 starring maxed bases left and right, I was scratching my head for weeks thinking of what the best way to stop these Witches was. Even placing Wizard Towers next to Giant Bombs along with Multi Infernos did help because of the Skeletons triggering the bombs and the Eternal Tome protecting the Witches.

However, in my opinion, this is all we need to nerf the pesky level 3 Witches. Why the need to buff the Multi Target Inferno. Sure this pretty much destroys the whole Mass WItch strategy, but it also pretty much destroys the Witch. What is her purpose now. I can see people completely neglecting her and instead just use more Wizards.

Not only that, buffing the Multi Inferno also makes it tougher to farm against TH10s and also makes Hog RIders and Valkyries much less appealing options, as if they weren’t being used enough. So yea, let’s not completely get rid of the Witch because she does play a critical role, defeating bases with large open compartments.

Goblin level 6 at Town Hall 9

This gives more options for TH9 farmers. Level 5 Goblins were just too weak and die quickly from splash damage, so level 6 Goblins will make things interesting for TH9s. Still, Goblins can be very cheesy and don’t require much skill to farm with. And I know many ways how level 6 Goblins can easily steal all the resource from a TH9, and I can’t wait to share that with you guys soon. I can already see a lot of people complaining about how unskilled Goblins are and how they’re having problems defending their loot. Not only that, I would hate to see an unskilled farming attack to overshadow the more skilled attacks.

X-Bow levels 2-4 damage increased

This was pretty overdue, but yea the X-Bow needed a buff. However, this also makes defenses much tougher at TH11. So I’m hoping whatever the new dark troop is, it better balance the defense with offense at higher level play as otherwise a maxed TH11 is going to be very difficult to handle even with maxed offense.

Valkyrie Changes

What made the Valkyrie a great option is not her power, but her bulk. Her power was fine, the problem was that she just died too quickly because she has a tendency to walk in the line of fire because her AI which makes her want to position herself in between multiple buildings.

However, I’m intrigued by the much faster attack speed as that was also a very big problem with her. Obviously, I’m just speculating here as I have yet to test her out. Still, the thing I liked the most about her was her high HP, allowing her to often shield for many ranged attackers and also recover back quickly with a Heal Spell.

Wizard Tower level 5-9 HP will be inceased

Buffing the Wizard Tower, again that’s also nerfing Witches even more. So yea, it just seems to me that they just want to get rid of the Witch. Just remove her from the game haha. Not only that, any time you’re buffing splash defenses, you’re making farming harder. So yea, I don’t see a need for this.

If defensive Clan troops are standing idle, they will not get affected by the Poison Spell:

This is a cool concept, and it will definitely bring back the diversity of Clan Castle defense. However, again, more buffs to defense. I’m not really worried about my TH9 account, because this really helps balance the TH9 wars. However, I’m worried about my TH11 account, because all of these changes aren’t helping with my offense. I want more options to 3 star TH11s. Yes, I want to be able to fairly 3 star TH11s in war. What’s the fun of 1 or 2 starring bases to win wars. And you also the big issue with the rise of cheaters using 3rd party programs. They are becoming more and more common now and it’s just infuriating because my clan, a clan with lots of maxed TH11 players, face these cheating clans about 2 times a week.

Spell brewing time changes

So far this is my favorite change. Waiting on your spells to finish is one of the biggest nuisance of the game.

Battle time limit will be reduced to 3 minutes again

Okay, that’s good, but this pretty much completely destroys the notion of dismantling a TH11 base with a kill squad or Archer Queen walk. Again, just increases the difficulty for TH10 and TH11 players.

Revenge stars will be count for Star Bonus. Also, you can get League Bonus after Revenge.

Okay, even tho I never use the revenge button anyways.

New building that is being built cannot get canceled. You still can cancel upgrades.

Okay, that sound fair to me.

So yea guys thanks for reading my opinions, but I’m more interested in hearing what you guys think. So please comment below on what you guys think and maybe we can have a great discussion together. So thanks for reading, don’t forget to subscribe if you haven’t and i’ll see you guys soon. Later!