6 Golem Attack Strategy

After the Dark Spell update, ring base layouts are becoming very popular in both farming and Clan War. This 6 Golem attack strategy is the answer for this base layout style. It’s a pretty easy strategy and doesn’t require high level Heroes. This strategy was shared by clashofclanscoaching.com. Thank you very much mate!

6 Golem Attack Strategyv

Firstly, what is the ring base?

The screenshot below is an example of the ring base. Walls are used for creating 3-4 circles. The outer circle is usually the defensive ring, Storages and Collectors/Mines are the middle ring. This type of base layouts can fool your troops, they will go around the outer ring instead of breaking into the core.

6 Golem Attack Strategy

6 Golem Army Composition


  • This composition is assuming that you have max level of Golems and preferable max lvl of P.E.K.K.A. Heroes level are not that important as they are only support for your Golems.
    1 Archer is for clean up and can be used at the end of battle .
  • You can play around with how you break down your army with Clan Castle. If you don’t have max P.E.K.K.A then you can ask your team mates to donate you one and then you can train 6 Golems instead 5 in your own. Basically try to always get all max troops for your attack. As for spell, in this strategy I’m asking for one earthquake so that I can create 3
    on my own which giving me advantage to bring 4 regular spells as well.
  • Jumps doesn’t have to be max lvl but at least lvl 2 is a must. 1 rage is for your kill squad to get faster into the middle for enemy town hall and earthquakes to open middle and center layouts.

How to attack with 6 Golem Strategy


Like always before you go into the battle, you need to scout the enemy war base and check where the clan castle and both Heros are located, as they can have an impact on your troop pathing.


I’m not bringing any poison spell, so I always send my attack from enemy clan castle side. This is so my troops can kill whatever is inside the CC before inferno starts melting my army. King located next to enemy clan castle is just a bonus and can be taken out at the same time as enemy CC troops.

Troop Placements

  • Facing ring bases layouts you follow same rules about funneling troops. Only difference is that you are funneling on a larger scale. No 1 and 2 are the places when you drop 4 Golems, 2 on each side and as a support for them 8 wizards, 4 for each side.
  • Once they clear the sides a bit you can drop 5th Golem and your clan castle troops on no3. Just after that you have to release another 6 Wizards on 3 as well as Heroes and P.E.K.K.A. I usually leave 2 Wizards for the end to help clean up where they are needed.
  • As for P.E.K.K.A– Her ( we still don’t who that is) role is only one thing : Go to the middle and destroy enemy town hall.


Spell Placement

  • Earthquakes: With 3 of your own spells and 1 from donation you can destroy any level of Walls. You just have to make sure where the best spot is to open space for your troops. Earthquake range is 3.5 tiles so in this case you have to be very precise about dropping them at the same place to make sure all walls you wanted are opened.
  • Jumps: First you drop 2 jumps spells on both sides (white circle) following no 1 and 2 on troops placements, then the third one (white circle). In that case you could use wall breakers instead of a third jump spell but sometimes there can be Hidden Teslas and traps near the wall that you want to take out and if your wall breakers fail your attack fails. (Jumps are safer option) however if you know for sure no traps are located on the wall breakers path, or you like risk, then you can replace 1 jump spell for 1 Freeze Spell and drop on infernos towers when needed.
  • Rage: This spell is to boost your kill squad ( especially P.E.K.K.A) once they are getting closer to center of base. If everything is placed correctly your P.E.K.K.A and King will go for enemy town hall and Golems stick to the sides clearing the way with wizards and queen behind their backs.


How to use Hero Abilities

  • Barbarian King: His role is same as P.E.K.K.A, go for enemy town hall. Whenever he is close enough to his target then I activate his skill.
  • Queen – The queen skill I always try and save until she is at about 20% life and towers are targeting her. When the skill is used she will vanish and the towers will stop attacking her.
  • Warden- on this acc I have Warden lvl 5 but with this strategy you don’t really need him as he is not very much helpful. However, it will always benefit your kill squad when they are invincible for enemy defensive building even for that short period when you use his skill so make sure to use it when all your troops are in range of his magic spell.


This strategy gives you a chance to 3 star any TH10 or TH11. All you need to do is have excellent timing with deployment of your troops. Once you will get more practice, your 6 golem strategy attack against ring bases will be unstoppable.

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