10 Ways to Dominate with the Grand Warden

So after the update, many players hit Town Hall 11 because of the new Hero  but most of them just drop him down behind the main army for buffing. Truly he can do lots of more special things than that with the ridiculous attack range and the imba Ability.

The Grand Warden Clash of Clans

10 Ways to Dominate with the Grand Warden

From chief_tyu

  1. The Grand Warden can snipe off both the Barbarian King and the Archer Queen If they are exposed, without losing one single HP. They will just sit there taking damage until they get killed. I usually can see bases with Heroes outside while farming. This can be also really helpful in Clan Wars If you can use Queen Walk for cleaning buildings nearby the enemy Queen.
  2. He can snipe off the Wizard Tower as well. Lots of bases have Wizard Towers in the outer ring with double walls around making it really hard to take them down, but the GW can easily shoot them down without taking a fireball.
  3. The Grand Warden is extremely helpful for dealing with troll base. Most of troll bases are built around intense defensive power concentrated in one spot. That spot is always a Town Hall or a Dark Elixir Storage. One of my favorite ways to hit these bases is dropping a few Goblins into that spot to clear traps, after that, drop a few Giants followed by 15-20 Goblins then drop the Grand Warden and active his ability immediately. Before it ends, the Goblins will have destroyed the Town Hall/DE Storage. This is an unstoppable strategy and you just don’t lose any HP on your Grand Warden.
  4. Grand Warden + Archer Queen can snipe off any Town Hall. Just activate the Archer Queen’s ability for boosting her damage, drop the GW and activate his ability right after that, your Queen will have enough time to do the job regardless of how it is protected. This combo is remarkably effective.
  5. If you are farming in Gold/Silver leagues, GW + AQ can snipe most Dark Elixir Drills for 500-1000 Dark Elixir per raid. It’s not hard to find base with almost maxed Drills during this 1-gem boost era. Most of them are located near the outside. Just drop the Grand Warden on the Drill that is hardest to take (make sure your GW can hit it without getting hit). When that Drill is almost destroyed, drop your Archer Queen and activate her ability immediately then activate your GW’s ability. Spending no troops = profit. If there is still 1 Drill left, you can take it down with couples of Goblins. I was able to get 10-13k Dark Elixir per hour with this simple combo before! You can even get more than that If you are lucky.
  6. Sometimes, flying Gran Warden can be very helpful for sniping off Cannons and Mortars, just make sure that you are safe from Air Defenses and Air Traps. He can also bully all melee troops inside the Clan Castle.
  7. If you like using him in the traditional way for protecting your main squad, make sure you use the Eternal Tome in the core (of course before all your troops get killed). I have seem lots of replays when people used the ability either really soon or too late.
  8. It takes some craftiness to get them both to follow a similar path but If you can do that, GW/AQ Walk can be extremely useful (of course you need the Healers to lock on the AQ). The GW can boost the Healers and the AQ a ton, especially with his ability Eternal Tome. With the extremely long attack range, he can easily snip off any Storage and Air Defenses that is deeper in the base than the Queen’s attack range. Although this requires lots of work but it’s also pretty fun. You can practice this anytime!
  9. Sometimes it’s better to think about your Warden as the extra Spell. The Eternal Tome is extremely imba. A raged Barbarian King and the Barbarians nearby can clean out any core If they have the Warden fighting with them. A group of Hogs can survive a Double Giant Bomb If you take care of them enough and activated the Eternal Tome on time. He is also very helpful to deal with a bunch of Wizards coming out from the enemy Clan Castle and hitting your Kill Squad. The Eternal Tome always can save your raid If you forgot to bring a Poison Spell or misplace it.
  10. Last but not least, the Grand Warden gives a decent additional HP to all troops and buildings nearby on defense. Don’t forget to place him near your core, where critical defensive buildings are placed. I have seen loads of bases with the Warden outside, that’s such a bad idea! Also, keep in mind that he gives a percentage buff = more HP for Clan Castle, Town Hall, Inferno Towers, X-Bows and Storages. At Town Hall 11, planning where to put him for the biggest benefit is very important!

Hopefully you can take full advantages of the Warden after reading this guide. Don’t forget to share this guide with your friends If you like it!

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