How to disable Clash of Clans Notifications

Not only in Clash of Clans but also almost video games, pushing notifications is one of the most useful features. But sometimes we need to turn it off when we are at work, school,… or you just don’t like those notifications. In this small tutorial, I’m gonna show you how to disable them. If you are finding a way to turn the Notifications of the game on, you absolutely can do it contrary.

Clash of Clans Notifications

With iOS Users:

If you want to turn it of on iOS, just go to Settings ~> Notification Center. By tapping on the Clash of Clans line, you can choose to turn off alerts, sounds, badges and lock screen notifications.

With Android Users:

To stop those notifications, go to Settings ~> Application Manager ~> Uncheck the Show notifications option then you won’t see then anymore in the future!

turn off Clash of Clans notifications on Android

If you have any questions, feel free to ask and I will try my best to help you!

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