Massacore 2.0 – Solid Post-Update TH9 Farming Layout

Hi everyone,

This is the new version of the Massacore farming layout for Town Hall 9 from acurazine. Due to the new Clash of Clans update in this September, there are lots of new changes in this new version. Let’s take a look!


Massacore 2.0 is a well-rounded farming layout which works perfectly for all new, mid and late Town Hall 9 bases with the balanced protection for all Storages, especially the Dark Elixir Storage. If you want to upgrade any central defense, replace it with an Archer Tower or another similar one to retain the damage as much as possible. Also, just place your Heroes outside If you either don’t want to use them in or they are being upgraded.

I recommend using at least walls level 7 with this layout for the best performance and remember always place your stronger walls in the core.


  • Centralized Heroes and Clan Castle: The most must-have feature of all bases. This is one of the most important keys to protect your Town Hall. Just replace the Town Hall with the Clan Castle If you want.
  • Symmetric Point/Splash Defenses: Can cover the whole map and deal decent damage. Point defenses will always lock on high HP troops.
  • Balanced Ground/Air protection: As you can see in the screenshots above, this layout can protect your loot against both air and ground attacks with the balanced coverage.
  • T-junction: This is not a new trick but it is still working perfectly. It’s extremely hard for the attackers to drive their Wall Breakers into the core.
  • Wizard Tower coverage: Each Wizard Tower covers 2 Storages, helps you deal with those pesky Goblins easier.
  • Unpredictable GB/Tesla: It’s not easy for the attackers to predict your Giant Bomb and Tesla places.
  • Perfect Spring Trap Placements: The enemy Giants and Hog Riders always hit those Spring Traps.
  • Small Bombs: At Town Hall 9, 1 Small Bomb can kill all Wall Breakers nearby. By placing them outside, trust me, we can take down lots of Wall Breakers. You can take a look at this for more details.
  • Centralized Ground X-bows: As this is a farming base, we usually don’t get attacked by air attacks so we should better set them to the Ground mode.
  • 4-way symmetry: There is no weakest side in this base. It is balanced.

What do you think about this layout? Please help me test it and post the defense logs here. Thank you guys!

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