Tips for Farming Dark Elixir at Town Hall 7

Almost Clash of Clans players start farming Dark Elixir from Town Hall 7 after building the Dark Elixir Storage. The most important priority of Town Hall 7 is getting the Barbarian King to level 5 as soon as possible. You will actually realize how perfect :king: is after after getting the Iron Fist ability at level 5. Your raids will be much easier with his powerful skill.

Farming Dark Elixir for the Barbarian King at TH7

In my opinion, farming Dark Elixir :de: at Town Hall 7 is much harder than other levels because you can’t raid much DE from other TH7 players and TH8s are quite strong for raiding. In addition, TH7 players are still quite new with Clash of Clans, a big part of TH7 players don’t know how well they can attack a base.

Because you need to conserve Dark Elixir, don’t use Minions :minion: or Hog Riders :hog: for farming. Although Minions are really cheap, but Dark Elixir is also very rare and almost bases you aren’t going to attack don’t have centralized Dark Elixir Storage. You can farm well with Barch even at Town Hall 9 and 10.

If you find a base with outside DE Drills, attack it immediately, don’t need to care about the trophies. Make sure that the Dark Elixir Drills aren’t empty, this guide will show you how to recognize If a drill is empty or not.

Normally you can use Barch for farming, but If you want to reach the core easier, use this combo:

8 :giant: + 6 :wallbreaker: + 3 Barracks training :archer: + 1 Barrack training :barbarian: + :goblin:

I will attack a base for 500 DE or more, I think this is a decent number for Town Hall 7. Always fill up your Spell Factory with Lightning Spell so you can zap every time. If you aren’t a fan of zapping, just don’t just it. There are plenty of opinions about zapping.

Follow this guide and I hope you can get level 5 Barbarian King after 1 week.

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