Troop and Spell Upgrade Orders Quick Guide

Troop upgrade order is always one of the most popular topic in Clash of Clans. Once we hit new level, we always wonder “Which one should I upgrade at first?” or “Should I upgrade this one before that one?”,…

I’ve created this quick guide for players who are having the same questions as above. The upgrade orders I am going to give you in this guide are not the best ones for every player, for sure, but I will try my best to make them suitable with most of you.

Clash of Clans troop upgrade orders

In general, just upgrade which troops you use most. All upgrade orders in this guide are optimized for doing both farm and Clan Wars well at a time. If your Clan is pretty active at Clan Wars, you should prioritize troops which will make the best attack strategies at your situations.

By upgrading Archers at first, your farming speed can be skyrocketed. After upgrading all important troops, you can start upgrading spells. Rage is the most used spells in Clan Wars and can be maxed out at Town Hall 8, the next one is Healing Spell.

Clash of Clans Troop and Spell Upgrade Orders Quick Guide

Town Hall 3

Archer goblin Barbarian

Town Hall 4

giant Wall Breaker – No need to upgrade balloon

Town Hall 5

ArcherBarbarian goblin wizard lightning spell lightning spell – No need to upgrade balloon

Town Hall 6

giantWall Breaker healing spell wizard lightning spell – No need to upgrade balloon

Town Hall 7

Archer dragon Barbarian rage spell then every troop you like to use.

As shown above, you should have level 3 Lightning Spell for Clan Wars. 3xlightning spell can take down 1 Air Defense easily, then just drag your Dragons in a line to get 3 stars from any other Town Hall 7 village. This strategy is called Mass Dragon.

Barch is one the best farming strategies at Town Hall 7. You can also use Giant-Healer for or Giant Biz for farming Dark Elixir to buy Barbarian King. If your Dragon barracks are being upgraded and you have at least level 2 Balloons, Barchloon is a great army composition for Clan Wars.

Town Hall 8

Archer dragon hog Barbarian wizard Wall Breaker pekka golem rage spell healing spell pekka balloon then other troops you like to use.

You should upgrade Archers at first for farming. Dragon compositions are still over-powered at early-mid Town Hall 8. After upgrading Dragon, you will have enough Dark Elixir for Hog Riders. You will use Hog Riders pretty much at Town Hall 8, you should upgrade them to level 4 as soon as possible. Hog Rider takes much more time and Dark Elixir to upgrade than Barbarian King, you can upgrade your King while Hog Rider is being upgraded.

Dragons are not scary anymore at late Town Hall 8, once every base has maxed Air Defenses. GoWiPe is the most popular army composition at this stage. 2 P.E.K.KA images above show you the time you should upgrade her to level 2 and level 3. If you don’t like her much, you can go with GoWiVa or Mass Hog.

If your Clan are at level 5 or above, level 5 Balloons and level 4 Hog Riders will be very useful for donating.

Town Hall 9

Archerballoon hog Barbarian jump spell then whatever you like.

Upgrading Archers at first for boosting your farming speed. Balloons are pretty useful at both farming and Clan Wars at TH9, upgrade them at first so you can be ready for Wars asap. With level 5 Hog Riders (the highest level of this troop), you can earn at least 2 stars from most other TH9 players easily. In addition, Hog Riders are really useful, you can use them with a lot of other attack strategies.

One of the best feeling at Town Hall 9 is having Jump Spell. Although upgrading Jump Spell to level 3 is pretty cheap but the available time of it at level 2 is twice times as level 1. With 40 seconds, the Jump Spell will give you much more chance to win an attack.

There are plenty of attack strategies at Town Hall 9. Take a look and choose the best troop to upgrade next yourself.

Town Hall 10

Archer wizard lava freeze spell are top 4 things you need to care at Town Hall 10. I think I really don’t need to talk much at here because all Town Hall 10 players know what they should do.

I hope this small guide can give you some useful advices while playing Clash of Clans. As I said at the beginning, these orders are not the best ones because cause every players has his/her own playstyles. If you have any idea and suggestion, don’t hesitate to post your comment!

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