Tantalus: Solid TH9 Labyrinth Farming Base

Tantalus is another base design from Thej for you guys, who are working hard at mid Town Hall 9 now. If you are looking for a layout for pushing trophy, You can see another base design from him at Kraken’s Crevice.

Tantalus base has an unique layout with labyrinth style. The twists of this base can change the tide of the attacker’s troops in seconds, make them be chaotic and slay every single troop which want to go further.

Tantalus Base Design for TH9:


How Tantalus works:

This base design has plenty of mechanisms to break down every troop composition. There are also a lot of funneling in Tantalus to create the chaos of the base. With a lot of twists, attacker’s troops will be messed and separated, then your defenses will have spaces to focus on them. There are couples of sieves in this layout to split the meat-shields and split all support troops. They will lose their destination.

Bombs and Giant Bombs are located right next to the Gold Storages to stop Goblins and other bunches of troops. The Wizard Towers are located in the solid core compartment to protect all groups of loot.

Tantalus and Attack Strategies:

  • Barch and BAM: This base works fine with all common Barch and BAM raids, except the attackers have high level Heroes.
  • Giants: This base was designed primarily to protect you from Giants. I haven’t tested this base with Giant Biz yet but it works fine against almost Giant combos.
  • Balloonion/Air Attacks: I have faced 5 times with Balloonion and just one of them can hit one of my Gold Storages. I’d say this base can protect your loot from Balloonion and other air attacks perfectly.
  • Hogs: Since I used this base, I have faced with level 5 hog attacks 5-6 times and 2-3 times they could destroy my base >80%. But there are not much people bring all hogs for farming, so you don’t need to worry about that.
  • GoWiPe/GoWiWi/Golem+…: Almost raids with these combinations are for war. I haven’t faced any yet. But I think with these strategies, they can destroy this base and other ones easily.

Finally, here are some defense logs of this base as usual!

Say thanks to Thej if you like this base!

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