Upgrade Order Guide for Buildings

Should I upgrade this before that?” is always a quite hard question for all Clash of Clans players. If you do it wrong, you will face a lot of troubles in game. Choosing a building or a troop to upgrade always affects your upgrading progress. This guide gives to you not only suggestions for your current Town Hall level but also for your feature.

This guide is just for players who are at Town Hall 1 to 7 mainly. If you are at TH 8, 9 and 10, you are quite a elite player now, I have three advanced guides for you: Advanced Town Hall 8 Guide, Ultimate Town Hall 9 Guide and Town Hall 10 Guide.

Upgrade Order Guide


You need to notice these things while reading this guide:

  • Always build new buildings to level 1 to distract the enemy’s units.
  • Clash of Clans is a long-term game. Think about your benefits in the future.
  • We all don’t want to be a Town Hall level with low defensive buildings and troops. Don’t rush too far.
  • This guide is decided into 2 parts: Gold and Elixir.

Upgrade Order with Elixir

After a year, I have found this is the best Elixir upgrade order: Laboratory ~> Spell Factory ~> Dark Elixir Drills ~> Barrack ~> Army Camps ~> Dark Elixir Storage ~> Gold Storages ~> Other Barracks.


Upgrade buildings with Elixir

Laboratory for new troop upgrades, you should put it to the first priority. The higher level of troops you have, the more strong your army will be, the more loot you can raid. Upgrading Laboratory first will shorten your way to next Town Hall level.

Spell Factory: Spell is one of the most important things you need to bring while raiding. By upgrading it, you can train new spells and bring more spells into the battle. Without a healing spell, you can lose a battle. With 3 Lightning Spells, you can take an Air Defense and 3 stars that base. Every Clash of Clans strategy requires spells for the best result. You should upgrade it secondary.

Army Camps: The more troops you can bring, the better result you can have after attack. More troops = more loot.

1 Dark Barrack first for unlocking new troops and If you like the new troop, upgrade the others. Never upgrade more than 2 Barracks at a time because you will need double more time to train troops.

Dark Elixir Drills: At Town Hall 7, you can earn up to 1080 DE everyday with 1 level 3 Drills. Is it a small number? Noooo. We all love that!

Dark Elixir Storage: If you want to upgrade your Dark troops, upgrade it!

Gold Storages: By upgrading them, you can store more gold. You don’t need to upgrade them to level 11 If you are not at Town Hall 8. I just upgrade them when I don’t know where to spend Elixir on.

Last 3 Barracks: I want to train Dragons as soon as possible for Clan War.

Gold Mines: We all love passive income right? Upgrade them and you will collect a large number of Gold when you get up.

Dark Elixir Barracks: For unlocking new troops. Hog Riders are overpowered at Town Hall 7 and below. But at these levels, we usually use Barch, Giant-Healer or BAM for farming because they are really cheap and don’t need long time for training. I upgraded my Dark Barracks to level 2 when I was at Town Hall 8. I didn’t use Dark troops when I was at 7. That’s why I put them at the bottom of the order.

Upgrade Order with Gold

For every level from Town Hall 1 to Town Hall 8, this upgrade order with Gold (IMO) is the best: Clan Castle ~> Mortars ~> Wizard Towers ~> Teslas ~> Cannons ~> Archer Towers ~> Air Defenses ~> Elixir Storages ~> Collectors ~> Walls ~> Traps.


Clan Castle: IMO, Clan Castle is one of the most important defenses that you need to upgrade first. Low TH players usually forget to check the Clan troops, this mistake can ruin the attack every time. When you are at low Town Hall levels, you can always 3 stars with high level troops from your Clanmates. And with those troops, you can stop almost attacks from the enemies. Clan Castle is also the building which has the longest range in game.

the beauty of Mortar

Mortars: Mortars can do a splash damage with really long range. High level Mortars can kill a lot of troops with just 1 hit and Clash of Clans players usually bring those low-HP troops while farming (Archers, Barbarians, Goblins,…). Mortar is always the key of defense in Clash of Clans. Almost common attack strategies can be stopped by Mortars.

Wizard Towers: Like Mortars, Wizard Towers do splash damage but but have short range. That’s why I put them at the 3rd position. High level Wizard Towers are night mares for all farmers.

always teslas first

Teslas: After upgrading your Splash damage buildings, the next defense you need to upgrade is Tesla. Why? Because Tesla has perfect damage, attack speed, does x2 damage on P.E.K.K.As and has a quite long upgrade time. If you upgrade Teslas late, your road to the next TH level will be delayed. While upgrading Teslas, you will have time to do a lot of other things.

Cannons: With their prices, Cannons are great singe-target defensive buildings with good range and damage. We should build Cannons now before Archer Towers because Archer Towers require more time to finish.

cannons or archer towers?

Archer Towers: Archer Tower can attack both ground and air units with a long range and really fast attack speed but require a quite long time for upgrading. By upgrading Archer Towers, you won’t need to worry about Minions.

Air Defenses: Before Town Hall 9, There are just a small number of players use air Units such as Minions or Balloons for farming, they just use them for revenges, Clan War or trophy pushing.

Elixir Storages: Upgrade them when you need more Elixir in your storages. Truly, you don’t need to focus on upgrade them unless you have a lot of Gold to spend. Until you are ready to upgrade your P.E.K.K.A to level 8 at Town Hall 8, you really don’t need to upgrade them to level 11.

Elixir Collectors: We all know that we can’t get too much from them. You can find much more Elixir while raiding than from them. You need to keep your Builders free for upgrading defensive buildings. Upgrade them later my friends!

Walls: If you have 4 builders are 3 are working on defensive buildings, use the last one for upgrading walls. If you use them all for upgrading defenses, your village will be too weak to prevent the enemies. By doing this, i will have no gold in storage for the enemies. Try to upgrade your walls all to level 6 because attackers will need 2 level 5 Wall Breakers to take them down. 2 Wall Breakers can just also destroy level 7 and 8 walls. You can read more about walls at: All about Walls.

All comments and suggestions are very welcome! I will try to update this Clash of Clans upgrade order guide usually.

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